Friday, July 23, 2010

Steves Greek Restaurant--Loads of Ladies and seafood

It could have been ladies night for all we knew at Steve’s Greek Restaurant because the night we stopped in for dinner it was packed to the brim with table loads of women. We were in a sea of X-chromosome - us and one solitary 60 year old man with a napkin tucked underneath his chin enjoying a full bottle of rosé by himself. That guy rocked.

Steve’s diner provides one of the few respites from the high price cuisine on Newbury street. You can get yourself a full delicious breakfast for less than $10 - truly unheard of amongst its peers. We’ve been going to Steve’s for a long time especially for their lunch specials and brunches. But be prepared on Sunday mornings, the place can get packed.

Where did all the Greek diners go? After My Big Fat Greek Wedding, one would think that they would be back in vogue. But unfortunately Steve’s is the only true Greek diner that we can think of in Back Bay, South End, Kenmore and Fenway region. What’s not to love about a Greek diner’s big wholesome portions of filling food and many veggie options? We have already demonstrated time and time again on this blog that we are BIG fans of the diner business model.

Usually we go for breakfast, but this particular evening, we were looking for dinner. Sitting amongst the sea of ladies, we noticed the two females to our right enjoying some tasty looking seafood. We decided to skip the moussakka and spinach pie (also delicious options), in favor of the fried cod and the broiled scallops.

The scallops were done to perfection. Not overdone and melt in your mouth with a bit of butter, lemon juice and salt. The fried cod was tasty and hit the spot. Usually we don’t go for fried fish but we were craving variety.
Both entrees were served with a bottomless basket of pita bread as wells a fresh Greek salad, rice pilaf with tomato sauce on top, and boiled vegetables.
Fried Fishy
We recommend following the herds of ladies who know how to dine in style for less on Newbury Street straight to Steve's for a bite on a Friday night.

Steve's Greek Restaurant
316 Newbury Street, Boston
(617) 267-1817

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