Saturday, June 26, 2010

Osushi--Sushi on the wild side

Badaboom! O Sushi. The summer is upon Boston at last. Consequently, the Palateers have been spending more time outside then doing our real job of reviewing restaurants. Can you blame us? A nice sunny day is better spent as a picnic out in the Commons avoiding the foul balls of baseball players. Be careful where you lay your blanket.

But we recently had a meal that suited our summer spirits. Sushi really is a summer food: light, portable and cold. We find that our one issue with sushi, and this is admittedly a self-criticism, was that whenever we went out for raw fish we always got the same boring combinations (ie Salmon, Yellow Fin and Tuna). In short, we weren't living true to our adventurous claims of fame. We made it our mission to change all of that at Osushi.

Nestled in the great internal maze of the Copley/Prudential mall, the restaurant provided ample opportunities for creative dining. Under appetizers we were intrigued by the miruhimo(fresh clams with mustard sauce) and the sushi rolls had such name poppers as Godzilla Maki.

Unfortunately, many of these options were well beyond much of our price range (hey, eating adventurously comes at a price) so we reneged and ended up getting edamame ($4) for an appetizer so we could go a little crazy later on. The edamame wasn't bad, but it did take a really long time to get to us. We think they just forgot us.
Now hold onto our seats because we went hog wild for the rolls. Our first adventurous roll was the vegetable tempura ($8). A potpourri of fried carrots, yams, asparagus, yamagoou, cucumber and avocado all served on a avocado soy puree. It was delish.
Angle 1 (Tempura on left and Oyster on right)
The real deal of the meal was the fried oyster maki ($16). Fried oyster mixed with mango and spicy sauce, we kid you not, it tasted just like a mcdonalds happy meal hamburgers. In short, they were darn good. We don't often have fried oysters in our sushi, but I think we have just become converts.
Angle 2
Osushi, with its hip metro chic d├ęcor, is well worth a second visit for more adventure.

10 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 266-2788

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