Friday, April 23, 2010

b. good burger--All about the peoples

We totally dug our recent visit to b.good burger. Opposed to the big burger chains, we especially liked that b.good emphasizes the people that make the food. We are firm believers that Food=Love and that if the person assembling your sandwich is miserable, you will suffer as well (this is why we always get indigestion when visiting certain mega franchise burger swills). B.Good is all about the peoples and they take special care to remind you of this.

So b.good has a system for the burger eating process. First, you choose what type of burger you want from four choices: Beef, turkey, veggie and chicken breast. Kudos to b.good for sourcing local beef and house grinding both the turkey and meat and making their own veggie burgers. After choosing the base, you then needed to decide upon the style. Should we go for the El Guapo — bacon, homemade jalapeno ranch, lettuce, tomato, onion, or the seasonal special—the Guacho— chimichurri, pickled onions, provolone, lettuce, tomato?

We love structured choices like these because it makes you feel empowered without ruining your meal. Other restaurants, give you unlimited choices which is often times too overwhelming. For example, there are certain burrito places that allow you to put what ever you want inside your tortilla. What ends happening is you get a gut bursting mess of vegetables, ingredients, toppings and flavor combinations that have no right being in the same mouth as one another. It is good to have choices but too many choices can leave you with a stomachache.

For our structured choice number 1, we got the turkey burger ala the Adopted Luke— mushrooms, caramelized onions, swiss and homemade bbq ($6.29). This was seriously the best turkey burger we have ever eaten. Too bad we had to split it. While most turkey burgers are dry and overcooked, this one was moist and delightfully flavorful. When combined with fixin's of the luke, it was definitely the best choice.
Cool Hand Burger
Our segundo choice was the veggie burger—West Side style with avocado, cilantro, tomato, homemade chipotle salsa ($6.29). Although it was good, it was not the best veggie burger we have ever had and several better options sprang to mind. We heard that they recently changed their veggie burger recipe, so this may be a reason.
Not Bad Veggie Burger
The one real downside of our meal was the drink. When we saw that they had homemade mint tea, we were like, “that sounds awesome.” But it was so sweet that we threw it out. We generally feel iced tea should be served sin sugar because it is a nice alternative to sugar water (ie soda). But the meal was redeemed by the sweet potato fries, which were not fries, but baked chunks of freshly sliced Carolina sweets.
Sweet Caroline Potato Lovin'
A good Boston based burger joint will always get a Palateers seal of approval.

b.good Burger
137 Mass Ave
Boston, MA 02115-2606

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