Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cafe Andrade--Taste of Veracruz

A short hop from the bustling circus which is the main drag of Playa Del Carmen, complete with clowns and exotic large beasts (namely over weight Mid-westerners), you will find a welcome respite from the overpriced and irritatingly Americanized comida of the fair that lines the strip.

The best part of Cafe Andrade is that you will be treated how everyone else is treated. None of the silly English pandering and “Almost Free” catcalls from the Mexican carnies lining the streets, trying to pinch away your hard earned pesos. Here, you will be greeted with simple Buenos “time of day” and promptly seated. Your Spanish will get a nice workout, but if in desperation, you can always turn to the English menu.

Cafe Andrade is comida de Veracruz (meaning the place, not the true cross). Veracruz, that lovely gulf of Mexico port town, is well worth a visit if you ever get a chance. But if not, you can get a taste here. The menu has all the classic favorites. Spicy red picadas, green salsa laden gordas and classic menu del dia. But most importantly it has the lechero. Oh, Lechero, how we crave thee. For luchador fans, the Lechero is the nacho libre of coffees. It could easily give a flying suplex to the cappuccino.

We ordered “Dos Lecheros” for a reasonable 24 pesos (about $1.80) a piece. We wanted the menu del dia, but alas, we came to early (fair warning hungry traveler, it only begins at 1:30pm). Instead, we settled for the chilaquiles. This dish could best be described as nachos. A big bowl of fried tortilaa chips, smothered in salsa and cheese. Adorned with strips of chicken and crema. For 60 pesos, it was just okay. Not very inspiring but very filling.

We also got a Torta Malletes (45 pesos). It was a open sandwich covered with refried beans and melted cheese, serve with a very nice spicy salsa.

Torta Malletes
Take advantage of the great 13:1 exchange rate and get a taste of Veracruz en Playa de Carmen.

Cafe Andrade

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