Monday, February 15, 2010

Zoe's Restaurant--Where the Palateers go marching in?

Roll out of bed ye sleepy heads, tis sunday, when the dieties feast. Time for brunch, time to munch on greasy spoon specials: three egg omelets, thick frappes and burgers. All good. But where will we stagger to devour such delights? We march to Cambridge while singing breakfast ballads and meal melodies. Can you hear it hungry reader?Join us for a wild morning of debrunchery.

Hark thee angels to thy destination of Zoe's Restaurant. Where snacking saints and munching monks find theirs alms, with payment of course. Note the subterranean hall, with colorful pews. The restaurant is Greek and American. If you choose Greek, you can eat moussaka. If you choose American, you can eat a burger. We ate moussaka and a burger.

We also ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich. It had some nice zing.The spicy sauce went well with the crispy chicken strips. It came as a wrap with crisp lettuce and chunks of fresh tomato. Instead of regular fries, we of course had the sweet potato.

Spicy Chicken Wrap
We also ordered the Zoe's burger. It was interesting. The egg wasn't yoky, which is how we wished it was. That part was disappointing. But the burger was still very good – rye bread, no pastrami, spinach, feta, tomato and onions and a burger. It was big, large and filling.

Big burger, but no runny yoke
We really wanted to explore the unknown so we went for the moussaka. What's a moussaka, you ask, inquisitive reader? A moussaka is layers of eggplant and ground beef topped with a rich b├ęchamel cream sauce. Served with rice and green beans. It will sock you to the floor. It was savory.


Zoes restaurant in Cambridge – where the Palateers go marching in.

Zoe's Restaurant
1105 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138-5220
(617) 495-0055
Cambridge Restaurant Review

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