Friday, December 4, 2009

Tides--With Keno and large servings everyone wins

Lets just say one evening you are in the Nahant, that small sliver of almost island that curves off of Revere. Where do the locals go for a good time? They go to Tides. Tides is the IT place (and possibly the only place) in the Nahant. There are good reasons to go--moderate priced decent food that comes in huge servings, plus unlimited amounts of keno (or until your money runs out).

We recommend going right at dusk, this way you can sit at one of the booths or outside tables that look out on the ocean, and at the Keno televisions. Order yourself a black and tan and talk with the guys at the bar about them Sox. When you feel the muse of hunger, don't hold back and get the antacids ready.

The menu is long but there were some things that jumped out at us. The buffalo chicken sandwich ($8.50), advertised as 'better than any other', was pretty darn good. As expected, it was a spicy fried chicken breast on a warm bulky roll enhanced by creamy blue cheese sauce. As we don't often order this item, we can not definitively talk about its supremacy. The veggie side was a nice alternative to the usual french fries.

The fish sandwich ($8.50) was also tasty. A normal sized filet of fried haddock, the mirror image of the buffalo chicken sandwich, sans chicken. Oh yea, the onion rings were awesome.

If you are looking for something a bit healthier, flip to the back of the menu for the Margherita pizza ($11). You should go with the whole wheat crust. The small pizza was freshly prepared and provided enough leftovers for another meal.

If you are wicked hungry, then the steak tips ($14) is the current you want to follow. These juicy tips are all the more enhanced with Tide's NEW marinade. But what ever you do, you have to order it with the french fries and special honey mustard sauce.

Enjoy Tides and if you win big at Keno, you should treat your friends to dessert.

Tides Restaurants & Pub
2 Wilson Road
Nahant, MA 01908-1017
(781) 593-7500

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