Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moody's Falafel Palace--Stomach satisfying hot fresh falafels

New York might have Mamoun's falafel, but Cambridge has Moody's Falafel Palace. Right off the intersection of Mass Ave and Prospect Street, is this local institution that dishes out some of the best and cheapest falafels in Boston. Of all the Middle Eastern restaurants we have been, Moody's does it the best we have seen.

Moody's sacrifices service and seating for delicious food. The Palateers had to fight for the right to sit at the limited counter space. We didn't even try to sit at their one table. We also had to wait in the impossible long line and watch out for cutters. The entire time we were eating, there was always a constant flow of people that kept the wait nice and long.

But it was worth it because even though the food is super cheap, you still feel like you are eating well. From their falafel, shwarma, chicken and hummus sandwiches to their full out platters, you won't be displeased with what you order.

One Palateer had the falafel platter ($5.50), a plate heaped with sliced cucumber and tomato salad, dripping in olive oil formed the base of this feast. On top were four bulging stomach satisfying hot fresh falafels, yummers.

Falafel Platter
The other Palateer, always indecisive, wanted to try a bit of everything, so ordered the vegetarian platter ($5.99). How the plate held all its contents was beyond us. Baba ganoush sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, smooth and rich hummus, the aforementioned cucumber salad, a tasty tabouli salad and two falafels. It was glorious. Both platters were served with fresh warm pita bread and tangy tahini sauce.

Vegetarian Platter (half eaten)
Afterward, we considered ordering foul, but we were already full. Come hungry and come often, because this is how Middle Eastern food was meant to be.

Moody's Falafel Place
25 Central Square
Cambridge, MA 02139-3310
(617) 864-0827

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