Thursday, December 31, 2009

J's Tomadachi Sushi--Post holiday lunch

We were feeling overloaded by the holidays. Too much cream, too much meat, and too many chocolate covered pretzels. Despite having gorged on two times our weight of heavy, rich food, we still needed to have lunch. Not feeling terribly much like a salad, there was only one alternative (as far as we were concerned) – Japanese sushi.

Pretty recently, J's Tomadachi Sushi opened on Mass Ave, and we were curious to see what they offered. What better occasion than the weekend after Christmas?

The restaurant had a simple décor, with a bamboo screen, Japanese paintings set against the wall, and funky green hanging lights scattered around. Our waitress was sweet and demure, but we were surprised that she didn't offer us tea when we sat down, as is ordinarily the custom.

Simple Decor
We were pretty blasé in our food orders (possibly because our stomachs couldn't handle anything more exotic), and we have resolved to be more adventurous with future sushi choices. We decided to go with an array of combo plates that all came with miso soup, salad covered in a spicy thousand islandesque dressing, and a small mound of rice. The most interesting was the Veggie Combo ($9.95). It included 6 cucumber avocado rolls and a big veggie roll. We're not quite sure what was in the big veggie roll, but we enjoyed it.

Veggie Combo
The other two combos were the Maki Combo ($9.95) and the Cali Combo ($9.95) – all sushi bar standards, which is not to say they weren't fresh, delicious, and filling for our tender tummies. The Maki Combo came with a California roll, tuna roll, and salmon roll, and the Cali Combo included the same, except instead of rolls, it came with Ngiri.

Maki Combo
Cali Combo
We enjoyed the oblong plates and the descending order college name rolls with Harvard as the most expensive and Berkley as the cheapest.

J's Tomodachi Sushi
201 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115-3043
(617) 236-1464
Boston Restaurant Review

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