Monday, November 2, 2009

Cuchi Cuchi--feathers and boas, long, lacy leggings

It was 6pm on a Saturday, and the restaurant world was still. We heard rumors of a strange and otherworldly dining experience, so the Palateers embarked to investigate. We came onto the scene, and it was stranger than fiction. Waitresses adorned with feathers and boas, long, lacy leggings, and veils that hid their faces. Who were these women, and why were they masking their identities so? Further interrogation revealed that this peculiar place was known by natives as Cuchi Cuchi.

We knocked and entered to begin our investigation. They were expecting us. Our mademoiselle sat us at our table, and we inquired about the Moulin Rouge-esque qualities of the servers. “Le petite cucine est le masquerade,” she replied with a wink.

The proprietors tried to drunken our senses (and succeeded) with spirits of the most nefariously delicious qualities. Salome's Potion ($11) of blackberry, basil and gin was so good you could lose your head over it. The Moulin Rouge ($11) whispered in your ear with sensuous voices of strawberries and champagne. After drinking deeply in our grandiose oaken thrones, we were ready for the first suspect.

The first suspect was the Italian fried artichoke hearts. Biting through the crispy crust of the artichoke, a surprise creamy Gorgonzola center is what our taste buds encountered. Following the hearts of 'choke, we consumed the Cuban Cigar. Nay, reader, not what you believe for the only thing that was flaming here was the flavor. Slow cooked, boneless beef, wrapped in a fried pastry, and accompanied by black bean salsa. This won the personal favorite prize of one of the Palateers. No sooner had the Cuban cigar touched our lips, then it disappeared like smoke in the wind.

The third suspect was a fishy one. Tuna served rare and slightly seared, with tiny a tartar of watermelon, and sprinkled with a lump of couscous. The Gratin Dauphinois was better than Betty Crocker's.

We ended with the Cornucopia, a delicate conular shell filled the choicest varieties of out-of-season berries and filled with fresh whip cream. Our dessert whipped all suspicions out to sea.

At Cuchi Cuchi, everything comes in all small plates, despite the large plate prices; albeit, it's worth it for the quality. We may not have been Sherlock Holmes in our investigation, but we sure closed that case.

Cuchi Cuchi
795 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139-3509
(617) 864-2929
Cambridge Restaurant Review

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