Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Camie's Authentic Caribbean Cuisine

Its unassuming décor and non prominent location could easily cause a long term resident to live their whole life in the neighborhood and not even know of its existence. For well over twenty years, Camie's has been providing Cambridge with, dare we say, the finest cuisine from the Caribbean Islands. Camie's is more like walking into a family kitchen than actual restaurant. At times you might feel like you are intruding, but really you are more than welcome.

Like being at someones house, don't expect rapid service, instead go with the flow and take the time to enjoy your company. On any given Saturday morning, you can sit and talk with the neighborhood residents as they stop by to pick up their beef patties and baked goods. Camie's is renowned for its baked goods, but they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We happened to try them out for breakfast. Also just like home, the food is delicious.

It wouldn't be proper to eat at Camie's without trying their signature beef, chicken or fish patties, even for breakfast. Layers of buttery flaky dough surrounding savory spiced fillings that are a delicious snack for anytime. If there is just one reason to go to Camie's its for theses Haitian favorites and at $1.10 per patty, you won't feel bad about buying a baker's dozen for your friends. The owners may even stick in an extra patty for good luck.

Them Patties (we recommend the beef)
Breakfast was so big we decided to split one plate between us (with a few patties on the side). The spinach, tomato and cheese omelet was a massive spinach overflowing gooey diner special. It is a wonderful hangover cure. It comes with home made sliced toast (white or wheat) and scrumptious paprika flavored hash browns. We especially recommend you try Camie's own hot pepper salsa. Served with choice of coffee or orange juice and for only $5.50, you will not, repeat not find a better deal for breakfast in Cambridge.

Half of one plate
This hidden gem, with its inexpensive home cooked food, will keep you coming back for second helpings.

Camie's Authentic Caribbean Cuisine
152 Columbia St
Cambridge, MA
(617) 871-1144

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