Thursday, October 8, 2009

Punjabi Dhaba--Pumpin' the Bollywood jams

The blaring bollywood music will either make you reminiscent of packed train cars, brightly colored saris and trash eating cows or it will give you a severe headache. Punjabi Dhaba makes sure the music is loud. From the shiny silver food trays to the packed sitting area to the chaotic line cooks shouting hindi, the vibe here is authenticity. Punjabi Dhaba is recreating the Indian experience in all of its masala tasting, fast paced yet unbearably slow, sick to your stomach but unstoppable appetite glory.

Fighting your way through the throngs of meandering customers is like pushing your way into an overflowing train car. You will be much better served just placing an order over the phone. If you successfully navigate your way to the front counter, you will be relieved not to match wits with a stubborn inept bureaucrat. Instead, you will be handed a ticket and told to wait for your order. Ahhh this is very familiar. You wait, wait, and wait, standing the entire time, fearful that if your number is called and you are not present, then they will simply throw away your dahl and rice. You watch as seemingly everyone who has come after you is served promptly. Love that efficient system....

Your number is finally called, and without a second thought, because the hunger is too great, you eat yourself into a bellyache. Nothing more familiar than Delhi belly.

One thing that can be said is that it is cheap! We had the vegetarian platter for two which contained dahl, rice, samosas, pakorahs, chickpeas, a vegetable mix, spinach and paneer, nan and papads. Whoazer, it was a lot! However, be mindful that for most other things, the price can get well over $10. If that is the case, then you might as well go to a place with a good Indian buffet, which typically runs $7.50 during lunch time.

With the bollywood music slowly grinding into our brains and our stomachs a bit too full, it was refreshing to waddle outside into the open clean air.

Punjabi Dhaba
225 Hampshire St
Cambridge, MA 02139-1306
(617) 547-8272
Open Daily 11am-11pm
Cambridge/Boston Restaurant Review

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