Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miracle of Science: The Physics of Feasting

Triangle Tables, a periodic table menu and pictures of Einstein, what kind of crazy establishment is this? It is no freak of nature; if anything, its a miracle...a Miracle of Science. This pointed triangle restaurant and bar sits at the apex of where MIT ends and Central Square begins. Beyond its anomalous geometrics, the universal forces of nature seem to collide with positive effects. Liquids, solids and aromatic gases simultaneously exist to create a net surplus of awesomeness.

The fermented malt and beer beverages were numerous, and the Palateers, after much imbibition, became mesmerized by the conversations of two molecular physicists sitting at the table across from us.

The pivotal solution for your hunger woes was the veggie burger. Upon tasting the first bite, a comfort food chain reaction shot through every molecule of our taste buds. The crisp patty, buried beneath a gooey melted piece of pepper jack cheese alighted the senses. One recommendation is to ask for extra spicy tomato relish. The burger will be like having an apple dropped onto your head. Instead of french fries, they provide a nice sized side of roasted potatoes, both a healthy and more delicious alternative.

Comfort Food Chain Reaction
Like matter converted to energy, you will experience a form of metamorphosis after this Miracle of Science.

Miracle of Science Bar & Grill
321 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139-4151
(617) 868-2866
Cambridge/Boston Restaurant Review


  1. Oh yes, I've been enjoying that veggie burger for 15 years now. I still think it's the best one around.

    These days I'm more likely to throw dietary caution to the wind and order the Ronie burger, which is a beef burger with jalapeƱos. I think that is one of the best hamburgers around!

    Miracle of Science is a great place. Try the skewers too. Highly recommended.

  2. Is Miracle of Science buying the Forest Cafe on Mass. Ave?

  3. Yum...the skewers are delicious. Especially the shrimp ones. We will do some research on the possible forest cafe buy and get back to you.