Monday, October 12, 2009

Four Burger--Want more burger

Skeptical and hesitant, we would pass Four Burger every so often and ruminate, “That new fast food joint will never survive.” A burger joint, really, hasn't this been done before, like a billion times served more. But don't fear, cause you won't find any big red shoe clowns here. This is a burger smack down, four times over. Prepared to get grilled!

Situated very visibly on Mass ave in Central square, with simple decor, four Burger has slimmed down the philosophy of burger restaurant into four neat categories: Beef, Black Bean, Turkey and Salmon. But that is where the simplicity ends. For once one determines, the true character of his appetite is when the complexity begins. We decided that our burger adventure will be in the flavor of Organic Vegan Black Bean ($7) and Turkey burger ($7). But first, what type of sauce do you want salsa and guacamole or mango BBQ sauce? Apple & cranberry or soy mayo? What type of cheese: Chedder, American, Gouda, Muenster, Gorgonzola? Don't even get us start about the bun, hun. Fortunately, the cashier could read in our eyes the right choices. When all was said and done, and our perfectly grilled burgers were delivered to our table by a smiling Burgerista in record time. We didn't bite off more than we could chew. Yes, every savory bite was better than the last. Usually turkey burgers are dry and unflavored, but theirs was an excellent carnivore substitute for the beef. The veggie burger was not your run of the mill Boca brand, but a artisanal delight.

What a Turkey...
Holy Guacamole!
What would a burger joint be without fries? Be warned though that the small is more than enough for two people. We had a lovely blend of regular and sweet potato fries (technically they were baked). We also had to splurge on a $5 chocolate milk shake. We recommend you do the same.

Despite the size of the feast, we didn't leave a single crumb or pickle behind.

Four Burgers
704 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 441-5444
Cambridge Restaurant Review

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