Monday, October 19, 2009

Chilli Duck--Duckalicious

Sunken away on Boylston Street, right next to the fancy pants Apple store, is the delicious and tantalizing Chilli Duck. Thai cuisine is the specialty here. There must be something that draws Southeast Asian restaurant openers to this part of Boston because there are six other similar restaurants in the neighborhood (Island Hopper, Pho Basil, Pad Thai Cafe, Bangkok City Restaurant, Pan Thai Restaurant and Bangkok Blues). But none are as duckalicious as Chilli Duck.

The basement level restaurant had ducks as the theme. On the walls and on the chairs, over here and over there, ducks were everywhere. It was quaint. Surrounded in such an atmosphere, we felt we had to eat duck. A wise decision.

We ate the Chilli Duck (13.95), the restaurant's namesake. Crispy and sweet, this was a ducky done right. The skin was crunchy, topped with a healthy dollop of chilli sauce and peppers. We are reminiscing and mmm-ing at the thought of it. Only someone who was quacked would peck at his food in this environment.

Here Ducky Ducky Ducky
A close second was the mango curry chicken ($12.95). Smooth but spicy curry was intermingled with succulent chunks of mango. Both dishes came with very healthy portions of steamed vegetables.

Sounds so good, I think we must duck out to taste some more. Quack you later!

Chilli Duck Thai Cuisine
829 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116-2610
(617) 236-5208
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