Saturday, August 1, 2009

R.F. O'Sullivan - A burger to beat the band

The classic burger receives a quality makeover at this unassuming joint on Beacon Street in Somerville. A hop and a jump from Porter Square, RF O’Sullivan & Son transforms the quarter pounder and fries into an unequivocal culinary experience.

The Palateers ventured in with no prior knowledge of the greatness of the O’Sullivan & Son burger. The lengthy menu full of 25 variations on a theme – the hamburger – tickled our fancy. There is the Jalapeno Burger, sure to give you a kick, the Mama Burger with tomato and melted mozzarella, the Papa Burger with bacon, tomato and mozzarella, the Black & Blue Burger, and the Smoked Gouda burger. The list goes on. For chicken lovers, most burgers can be replaced with grilled chicken, and there is a veggie option as well. With prices ranging from $8-$9, every ½ lb ball of beef is accompanied by a choice of supersize crispy onion rings or homemade slabs of potato. The Palateers recommend ordering half onion rings and half fries to taste the full range of experience.

Order a drink to hold you over, as the slow-cooked burger experience may hold you hostage to the tantalizing smells for half an hour of suspenseful waiting, especially if you come with a large group. But with the first bite, all anxieties from the long wait will fall by the wayside. All conversation will also cease, replaced by the quiet sounds of satisfaction heard only when one devours a truly sensational burger.

Gouda makes a bigger burger better

R.F. O'Sullivan & Son

282 Beacon Street

Somerville, MA 02431

(617) 492-7773

Cambridge/Boston Restaurant Review

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