Friday, July 24, 2009

S&S Restaurant--An Inman Square institution

Lo and behold the amazing brunch at the S&S Deli. Just as the S&S Deli has been passed down from generation to generation, so it is the same for the families that come year after year to this very Inman Square institution.

It warms our hungry deli loving hearts that S&S has kept on truckin' throughout the years. Serving up the same comfort food that Bubbe you used to love (from the decadent chocolate cakes to the smoked whitefish sandwiches), S&S has also adapted to the changing palates of the generations. Yes, you can still find the classic Lox and bagel schmeer, but you will also find a tantalizing vegetarian quiche and roasted salmon hash.

On this particular Sunday, we decided to try a bit of the old and little of the new. One of the FANTASTIC highlights of the S&S experience is that most their brunch meal comes with their signature fresh bagels and a wholesome cup of fresh fruit. Going with the old, we ordered a mushroom, spinach and havarti omelet ($9.95). It was as delicious as you would expect and equaled any greater diner omelet moment we could imagine.

A bit of the old
Then we went rogue and ventured into the strange delicious menu combinations that is the S&S. We ordered an Eggs Oscar ($12.95)-- poached eggs on potato pancaked topped with bearnaise sauce, asparagus and crab meat. We are happy to say that the unique combination flowed well and we dined happily.

Something New
No need to doubt that we are and always have been (generations before) frequent fans of S&S.

S & S Restaurant Deli
1334 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 354-0777

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  1. mmmm i had a bagel for breakfest too, everything with cucumber dill cream cheese. although the date on the photos indicate that this was not your breakfast today...