Friday, June 12, 2009

Upper Crust Pizza--Craving 'Pie Society'

Feeling a bit saucy, the Palateers had a hankering for a better slice of life. So we sought out the upper echelons of 'pie' society. We discovered that when you are the upper crust, you eat well.

Upper Crust Pizza is a paradigm for man's own plight in the western capitalist system. You are presented with unlimited exotic topping options; however, you are hindered, daresay oppressed by the additional cost. Is this not the same as coveting thy neighbors property. Desiring that newest ipod? Needing a new pair of designer shoes? It is not enough to simply enjoy a slice of cheese in our society. One taste is never enough. An individual is demanded to upgrade, to chase after that artichoke, shrimp, prosciutto and asiago cheese pizza pie in the sky. But the question is, even after you take that last bite, are you really ever satisfied?

A fresh Greek Salad
Getting beyond its high society status, Upper Crust Pizza, at its core has some really tasty pizza, albeit expensive. Thin crust and crispy, with a sauce that has just so much tang, you can get to the core of societal satisfaction just by enjoying a 18 inch pie. One of us had the slice of the day, a chorizo sausage, pepper and onion. While the more frugal Palateer decided for a straight up cheese.

The Frugal Cheese
Slice of the Day
We finished our pizza quickly and once again were left wanting more. Isn't this our sad plight?

Upper Crust Pizza
20 Charles St
Boston (Multiple Locations)

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