Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ramp--First Meal in San Fran

Come here for the view and the scene, especially if there is no fog. The food isn't amazing but it isn't half bad either.

Clam chowder didn't hold a candle to the chowdah we are used, but of course we have very high standards

We never had yellow beets before, and that was what attracted most to this colorful melange salad. We liked the hefty chunks of goat cheese, but one of us felt it needed a bit more salad dressing.

Beer battered Fish and Chips were definitely the popular item this morning. Every other table had ordered it, so we would have been pretty lame if we didn't as well. By far, the best item we had.

The Ramp
855 Terry Francois St
San Francisco, CA 94158-2209
(415) 621-2378

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