Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cafe Mogador--Chew Chew Yum

We really wish we had been starving when we arrived to Cafe Mogador but alas we were still full from Vleska. We arrived at the peak eating hour, but were still promptly seated. We dig that about a restaurant.

Mogador serves up authentic tasty Moroccan food. It also has a very open trendy vibe. Nursing a pair of sore throats, our first order was for a large pot of honey green mint tea. It arrived in an antiquated silver pot, almost like a genie's lamp (see picture below). The sweet tea, soothed our aching trachea.

Mint Tea
Both of our appetizers came with warm fresh pita. The baba gounoush housed a puddle of olive oil, enrich with fine paprika. We ate straight the entire pool straight from the plate. The roasted beet salad was red and sweet, just like you would expect.

Roaasted Beets
For the main course, the grilled lamb was cooked exactly to the specified medium- rare. The tender pink piece of meat were gobbled up rapidly. It was served on a fluffy bed of rice and a Mediterranean salad.

Grilled Lamb
The Bastilla, a fluffy crepe filled with chicken and vegetables (think, chicken pot pie without the gravy), could have either gone terribly wrong or wonderfully right. But this train kept on the tracks to Flavorville. Chew Chew Yum.

On threat of being reproved, repudiated and discarded by a loyal customer and avid reader, we have no choice but to grant a hearty seal of approval to Mogador. Thank you specifically to Boomerater for recommending this restaurant.

Cafe Mogador
101 Saint Marks Pl
New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-2226


  1. Next time get the tagine!

  2. good choice in getting the lamb! Im sitting in olive tree cafe now thinking back to when we used to wait for hours for the shwarma... Those were the days... Thanks for the shout out buddy!