Monday, June 15, 2009

Atlantic Fish Company—The Boston Fish Experience

Too often, while milling the streets of Boston, we are approached by befuddled international tourists. We know the look by now-- weary eyed, possessing an air of desperation and a slight glean of saliva on their lower lips. These are truly hungry souls and all they really want, the only reason they exist at this very moment is to fulfill one desire. Even if their broken accented English can't convey the full import of their thoughts, we instinctively know what they will ask: Where is a good seafood restaurant?

A crazy question to ask, isn't? Especially, in a city that built its initial fortune on the cod trade (read Cod). But we can't blame them for their confusion, considering the number of pubs pawning only fried fish and chips. When asked this inquiry, particularly when we are meandering the back bay area, we reply simply, the Atlantic Fish Company.

This blog is too short to debate the merits of Atlantic Fish Co. compared to the ubiquitous but also admittedly good Legal Sea Food, but simply put, the Palateers were won over to the Atlantic Fish Co. faction.

The real shine and glimmer of Atlantic Fish Co. is its service. This is a restaurant that truly appreciates it clientèle and it makes for an ever so better eating experience. Our friendly server was also refreshingly honest in our dish selection and preparation. Should I get the sea scallops or tuna steak? No brainer, go for the scallops, she coolly replied. Blackened or baked salmon? Blackened.

Of course, the food was delicious. The broiled sea scallops ($26) were precious large dollops of heaven that sweetly melt in your mouth. The virtues of this dish can not be extolled enough. Whether served straight up or on top of pesto linguine pumped with big chunks of artichoke, you will feel warmly content after these dishes.

Dollops of Heaven
The blacken salmon ($24) is the way to go, if you are thinking fish. We also ordered grilled salmon, but the blackened was far and away the better route. The crispy salty spicy crust melds with the tender pink flesh of the fish.

Blackened is the righ path
Meat lovers can also rejoice. The same people who own Atlantic Fish Co. also run Abe and Lou's (right next door) and clearly the chefs of both restaurants have some collaboration because the New York Strip Steak ($25) was a worthy alternative for anyone not feeling very fishy.

Meat Lovers rejoice
Make reservations, especially if in large groups and don't fill up on the bread and crackers, you will definitely feel as though you had your New England fish experience after Atlantic Fish Co.

Atlantic Fish Co.
761 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
617) 267-4000

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