Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vinh Sun BBQ--A round of Russian roulette that ended poorly

Eating in Chinatown is kind of like Russian roulette. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you would rather blow your head off. One dark Boston evening, we ventured into the very bowels of this lovely dank part of the city, hoping to get lucky. We did not. Do not go to Vinh Sun BBQ. There are reasons why in Chinatown some restaurants have long lines outside and others are more than happy to seat you immediately. Vinh Sun had no line and we quickly found out why.

Looking beyond, the disgusting peach interior and the shockingly bright lights, just sitting in the restaurant was uncomfortable. The heat in Vin Sun was almost unbearable and we quickly shed what little layers we had. The service was rushed and not helpful—which to be fair is typical in this neighborhood.

We were craving dumplings ($4.95) and we received very doughy, mildly lukewarm disappointments. We ordered a sizzling platter chicken in a black bean sauce (which sounded really good at $8.95), however, we received a mound of flavorless chicken in a watery slightly salty sauce. A few bites were sufficient before we felt slightly sick. The Spicy Szchewan Eggplant ($8.95) was the only decent dish, and the only one we took home as leftovers.


Not bad
Do yourself a favor and wait the 15min to get a good seat at a good restaurant in Chinatown

Vinh Sun B.B.Q.
58 Beach Street
Boston Ma 02111

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