Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Dollar Deweys--Portland gone wild

For what it is, $3 Deweys doesn't put up any pretenses—a cheap pub on the waterfront of Portland, Maine. Despite dining on a Saturday afternoon, the Palateers could easily see how Deweys transforms into a raucous debaucherous lust pot. Named for its regionally famous $3 drink specials, Deweys doesn't pretend to be one of the classier gals on the block.

The Palateers showed up out of pure hunger desperation after hopping the Downeaster from Boston, craving anything that would keep us awake. We knew that Deweys would do the trick. Palatially spacious, fitted with long picnic tables, and adorned with several wide screen televisions perfect for watching the Red Sox, interior design was pushed to the brake lane in favor of the do it yourself free popcorn machine. Try it with the copious bottles of Sriracha hot sauce to get your mouth watering.

We decided on a soup and salad heavy lunch. The clam chowder ($4.95) was the best we've had in Maine, mostly due to the good ratio of clams to broth. Deweys aimed for the international with the tortilla soup ($4.95), which turned out to be soup with tortilla chips stuffed around the sides. The seafood chowder ($6.95) was slightly potato heavy, although the menu professed to a plethora of shellfish. We were only able to find one tiny shrimp in the entire bowl. The spinach and chicken salad ($7.95) made up for the chowder; however, it was still nothing to rave about.

Next time the Palateers are in Portland and craving an all-night binger fueled by signature $3 drinks, we will definitely hit up Deweys; however, for a casual dining lunch experience, we should probably give it second thoughts.

(sorry, we forgot our camera, so no pics)

Three Dollar Deweys
241 Commercial St
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 772-3310

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