Monday, May 18, 2009

Tapeo--That Spanish Feeling

Tapas--the mere mention of the word makes one of the Palateers quiver with anticipation for this Spanish style of eating, revives past memories. Those warm spring evenings, the faint but sharp twang of Flamenco guitar and the sweet smooth taste of Sangria. Madrid, where wine is cheaper than water, and going home early is more expensive than staying up till dawn. The culture of Tapas is certainly one to be envied and indulged, and Tapeo provides a nice taste of the experience.

We should preface that the Palateers visited Tapeo on two separate occasions. The first was bit of a disaster. On the recommendation of the sassy bar tender, we ordered a bottle of wine which was quoted at $30 dollars; however, when the bill arrived, it read $40. Now, in these down economic times, a $10 difference is worth debating, but to our shock, when we reproached the bar tender, we were met with a surprising amount of steely resistance and cutting attitude, which put a dour mood on our otherwise festive celebrations. Only after we requested the attention of the manager, did we receive preferential treatment for what was an obvious mistake on the establishment's behalf.

Armed with a coupon for a free tapas (which we received after the first debacle), we returned with a clean slate to test the Tapas. Full Disclosure: we ate during a $5 per tapas special on a Saturday afternoon, and we recommend you all to visit during this time or prepare for a heavy bill.

We started with a Gambas con Gabardina (normally $9.50)—four heavily battered shrimp served with a spicy green mayonnaise sauce was particularly enjoyed by one of the Palateers, the other didn't care for the sauce. But both of Palateers concurred that the Croquetas de Pollo—Chicken croquettes with a sweet orange carrot sauce—was a taste bud rave; however, with only two pieces we yearned for a larger portion (especially at $8 a pop). 

Gambas con Gabardin

Croquetas de Pollo
For veggie options, we loved the Filloa de Vegetales ($8.50)--a minature crepe stuffed with a vegetable medley served in a pint sized casserole dish. The cream sauce adorning the dish was absorbed with the complimentary bread. The Alcachofas Salteadas ($8) was surprisingly good especially for the novelty of roasted artichoke hearts. For dessert, the Queso Con Miel ($9.50)—Goat cheese with honey-- was a flavor supernova. Intensely sweet and wiping the palate clean of lingering tastes.

Filloa de Vegetales 

Alcachofas Salteadas
Although we had trouble with the surly wait staff on our first visit, the bar tender on our second was kindly and a good gent, thus having no qualms, we recommend all to enjoy ir de tapas at Tapeo (especially on a Saturday afternoon).

268 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-4799

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