Monday, May 4, 2009

JP Seafood Cafe

Exhausted and ravenous, we trudged into Jamaica Plain's town center. After a long morning of hiking Arnold Arboretum, the Palateers could have devoured a young yew or sucked the sap right out of a maple tree. However, in the most diligent manner, we decided to enter the first restaurant we came upon. Fortunately for us, our careful planning and execution, put us right smack in one of the best Japanese luncheon experiences we have yet to experience.

At first, we thought JP Seafood Cafe was a tacky fried fish joint, but turns out looks can be deceiving. The windows were bespeckled with glowing Palateer competitor reviews, and although we often don't take heed of our rivals, the luncheon menu seemed too good to be true. A whole obento lunch box for $7.95! Gee Golly thats a deal worth devouring.

As we were the only people in the restaurant (to be fair, it was before noon), we were seated promptly and the service was extremely attentive (they even accommodated our requests for hot water instead of cold). The interior was simple and we enjoyed the kabuki masks that leered down at us.

The lunch box experience was multi-pronged, beginning with a small bowl of miso soup to whet the palate. We were then presented with a lunch tray that would have shamed even the best of public school lunches. At the center was a healthy portion of either salmon or fried cod (we could have also chosen chicken, beef, tempura or sashimi). Both fish servings were delightfully filling, the salmon was decorated with a sweet teriyaki sauce cooked to our preferred medium rare. Surrounding the fish, like awaiting camps of soldiers were other samplings. A fresh green salad, topped with a sweet chunky orange dressing, a fried gyzo and shumai, potato croquets, three darling avocado and cucumber rolls and a mound of sticky white rice. What a bargain for such a filling meal.

Salmon Teriyaki
Fried Cod
After dining past the point of satiation, both Palateers slouched deeply into their seats and were on the edge of slumber, but decided for good measure to pick up a cupcake next door at the Real Deal to fuel the walk home.

JP Seafood Cafe
730 Centre St 
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 
(617) 983-5177

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