Friday, May 29, 2009

Estragon--The Long March ir de Tapas

Our choice to visit Estragon was spurred by a article, which feat
ured cheap eats in Boston. The article foretold that a certain South End tapas joint had $1 tapas from 5:30-7pm, Monday through Thursday. The Palateers couldn't let a deal like that go past so we made the long journey to Estragon.

And it was a long journey. There is really no convenient public transportation to Estragon, barring the Silver line (but who takes the silver line anyways?), but if you do make the trek, you will be well rewarded. Estragon is light and airy, with outdoor eating to boot. Although not as Spanishy as other tapas bars (meaning no hanging legs of pig from the ceiling), we enjoyed the modern and relaxing feel. Not only that, the waitstaff is extremely amicable—like I'm talking you would want to marry away one of your daughters to the guy behind the bar.

During the $1 tapas period, a shorter tapas menu is offered, so don't expect to get your slice of spanish tortilla or chicken empanadas (that was definitely our chief disappointment). Nonetheless, released by all price constraints the Palateers indulged in the novelty of ordering one of everything off the shortened menu--multiple times in fact.

So good, it doesn't matter that it is covered in mayonaise
Our favorite was the deep fried artichokes--crispy and vinegary at the same time. Then there was a smörgåsbord of tostadas, otherwise known as stuff on toast. We loved the goat cheese & tomato, which was creamy and fresh. Surprisingly, the beef tongue and chicken liver tostadas were quite good. The chicken liver was enhanced with a semi-sweet sauce. There was also the bowl of deep fried chickpeas, which were perfect for mindless munching. There were also olives, and who doesn't like olives?

Crispy Humus Alternative
Stuff on Toast
Be careful with your drink orders because they will quickly inflate your bill outweighing any discount you may receive from the tapas. We especially liked the white wine sangria. Estragon might be a bit out of the way, but we would come and visit even outside the $1 tapas window.

700 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 266-0443

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