Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cafe Pompeii--Murals of destruction and good pizza

Not many restaurants sell themselves on catastrophic historic events and seem to get away with it. The Pelee Pub and Grill and the Mount Saint Helen Bistro are just two notable examples of failed ventures in the culinary disaster market. However, the only catastrophe about Cafe Pompei in the North End is they don't serve tap water with dinner.

We journeyed to the North End on two occasions, and both times found ourselves drawn to Cafe Pompeii's simple menu, speedy service, and delicious cappuccinos. The breakfast scene was packed filled, as patrons devoured their hangovers away. The eggs and sausage were pretty standard. However, the bagel was about the same quality you would pick up at Shaws.

Thats a great brew
Pretty standard
To be exact, there are two separate restaurants in the evening at Cafe Pompeii. One that is for a proper meal experience and the other which seemed to act as an overflow restaurant, seating those poor souls who are fed up with the waiting for a table at other North End establishments. The overflow section only served pizza, alcohol and coffee, which we were fine with.

We ordered a large onion and pepper pizza, and 15 minutes later were served with a large onion and pepperoni pizza. Despite the mix-up, we still ate the entire pie. We liked that despite it being a Saturday night during dinner time, we were still able to get an unreserved table which peered onto busy Hanover street. Also, the quaint mural that depicts the destruction of Pompeii only enhanced the ambiance.   

Cafe Pompeii
278 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113 
(617) 227-1562

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