Friday, May 22, 2009

Ashmont Grill—A bit of class at the end of the Red Line

If you ever happen to make the long trek out to Ashmont, taking the shuttle bus from JFK/UMASS (because of course the trains aren't running), traversing through Little Vietnam and the remnants of what was little Ireland, disembarking at a half built new T station, you will be wondering where you will find your next meal. As far as the Palateers can assess, your only choice should be the Ashmont Grill.

Free Banana Bread and Scones=very classy
With a surprising amount of class, for a restaurant on the rotary of Dorchester Avenue, Ashmont merges a bit of chic with wholesome filling meals. On this particular Palateers meal adventure, we had in tow three girls all under the age of nine. You can imagine the amount of bathroom expeditions and eating of jelly containers. However, our server handled the situation with grace and coolness, as we requested additional servings of whip cream, banana bread and silverware (replacing the ones which fell upon the floor).

Extra Whip Cream Please
While breakfast options were limited, we were all happy with all our choices. Most of the girls ordered hot dogs and french fries, while the adults settled upon either french toast or an eggs dish. The hot dogs were a surprisingly good choice, 3x the size of normal franks, cradled in a extra large bun, with a good helping of crispy fries and a dill pickle, all the little ladies rejoiced as they neat picked their meal. When asked about a review of the dog, one of the girls replied with a garbled mouth filled response--we concluded it was positive.

The Dog
The adults, feigning a degree of dining sophistication, were just as eager as the girls as they devoured fresh free banana bread and scones. The grand marnier soaked french toast was sweet and delightful especially when topped with whipped cream. The eggs benedict with salmon, was a treat. We especially enjoyed how all the servings came with fruit. Right on Ashmont Grill! We will definitely make the long trek out to visit you again.

A very sophisticated Eggs Benedict
Ashmont Grill
555 Talbot Ave 
Dorchester Ctr, MA 02124 
(617) 825-4300

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