Friday, April 17, 2009

Pho Basil

The Palateers were not inspired to any great degree by this Vietnamese and Thai restaurant, but it did fill our bellies and we were happy for it. The tom yum soup (3.50) was spicy and hot, and hit the sour spot in the back of our throat. The service was quick and maybe a little clumsy (they gave us one more thai iced tea (2.95) than we ordered, which didn’t stop us from slurping it down). We were especially impressed by the Goi (5.95), a sweet and vinegar heavy cabbage salad with strips of chicken. Our main course was a big old disappointment with much to be desired. Basically, it was a lump of tasteless bean sprouts with a few nondescript tofu chunks and snow peas (8.95). But we blame ourselves for ordering anything but Pho in a restaurant called Pho Basil. If you happen to come, look at what your neighbors ordered and if it looks tasty, then order the same thing. For the price, fast service, modern atmosphere and delightful salad, we recommend Pho Basil.

A lump of bean sprouts...blah
Thai Ice Tea me
Tom Yummers Soup

Pho Basil
177A Mass Avenue
Boston, Ma.

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