Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Boston Bagel Hunt—Episode 3--Au Bon Pain (ABP)

Both Palateers thrive on ABP, so it is no surprise that we both thoroughly approve of their bagels. One of the Palateers especially enjoys how ABP gets a little adventurous with their selection. The ABP bagel is certainly not considered your classic bagel. I mean, a slice of asiago cheese on a jalapeno bagel without a hole is not the type your New York cousin Steve would bring back by the baker’s dozen. We would even say that such a move is pushing it out of a bagel category, and into the roll and bread section. But they call it a bagel, so we still ate it with cream cheese.

As is typical, one Palateer went sweet while the other went salty. For the sweet, we shared a honey grain with honey pecan cream cheese. It was certainly a welcome morning treat, but even we had to admit it bordered on pastry territory. The Jalapeno bagel (the one with a slab of cheese on top) with sun dried tomato cream cheese was good as well. Although untraditional in their bagel and cream cheese combinations, ABP thinks outside the box, and we respect them for that. Although not the best Bagel in Boston, ABP does a fine job amongst the chains in Boston.

Pictures will come later, as we accidently ate the bagels before taking the snaps

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