Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Boston Bagel Hunt Episode 2--I’ll Finagle your bagel!

We were pleased to find that, at the very least; a decent bagel exists in Boston. Although fast foodinized and a chain, Finagle does a good job with a bagel. Not the end all be all of the Great Boston Bagel Hunt, but a decent start. The Palateers generally disapprove of the mechanization of the bagel and dining experience, but we had to admit that Finagle’s nifty Bagel Saw Mill was pretty cool to watch. Order a bagel and observe as a fast moving conveyor belt leads the bagel to the guillotine of culinary cooking and shoots it cleanly into the awaiting open hands of eager cream cheese spreaders.

Our onion bagel was of ordinary size and selectively chosen from a fresh baking sheet. It was adorned with a manageable slather of flavorful lox spread ($2.99). The bagel was crispy on the outside, doughy inside. The honey grain bagel was chewy and sweet, chock full of wholesome fiber. Stuffed with vegetable cream cheese, the bagel was energizing and a good substitute for a cup of coffee. Overall, the bagels were good and receive a firm endorsement from the Palateers.

We were less than enthusiastic about the bagel sandwiches. The roast beef sandwich ($5.99) was not very memorable but the bagel was still good. This led the Palateers to conclude that simple is better at Finagle, and a bagel for breakfast, was just as good as a bagel for lunch (even on the same day).



  1. Thank you! We take great pride in our bagels. They are all hand seeded, boiled and baked. We make all our dough fresh everyday using only the finest ingredients -- all natural -- nothing artificial. You will never eat a bagel more than a few hours old in any of our stores.
    We don't serve roast beef in any of our stores, so not sure which sandwich you had. Hopefully it was from another bagel store. Try a melt of a panini (the tuna melt on a sesame is my favorite). We are a local, family-owned business (no franchises) and are 100% woman-owned.
    I hope you come back and thanks again for the kind words!
    Laura - Owner & President

  2. No! Thank you for the delicious bagels