Monday, April 6, 2009

The Great Boston Bagel Hunt Begins-- Episode 1 Bruegger’s Bagels

Who among you does not enjoy a good breakfast? Whether it be omelets, pancakes or waffles, a calorie-filled indulgent morning is part of the quintessential American experience. However, there is one staple of the American breakfast, which shines above the rest. The bagel has inspired poets, fed generations of the downtrodden and is eaten by the super rich. It is the most egalitarian of breakfast foods and also the most diverse. The combination upon combination of bagel and topping selection can match the desired craving of any hungry denizen. The Palateers love the noble bagel, in all its variety and form. It is the ultimate in comfort food, which brings hungry childhood tears of joy to our eyes.

I Dream a Bagel
After years of living in Boston and whether it is by our failure or that of the city, we have been unable to find a truly delicious bagel. Ones criterion for the perfect bagel is certainly subjective; however, each among us can remember amazing bagel moments. The Palateers reminisce about the perfect everything bagel—crispy on the outside but warm and soft in the middle and large enough that it needs to two hands to hold--so filled with scallion cream cheese that globs of it dripped down our fingers. We want that bagel experience in Boston, and we have decided to search every bagel baking establishment in Boston until we either find it or need to discontinue the search because of bagel related health issues.

Therefore, let the Great Boston Bagel Hunt Begin.

Episode 1— When did Bruegger lose his bagels?
The movement for the fast foodization of the American diet has no sympathy for its victims. Bagels have fallen to the onslaught and Bruegger’s Bagels is one of the aggressors.

Just to be clear, Bruegger’s Bagels has embarrassingly small bagels. Some say it’s not the size but quality of the bite; however, when it comes to bagels, size is often at the forefront of our mind. Somewhere, in the pursuit of profits, Brueggers miniaturized its main asset, while keeping the price the same!

In terms of the taste of the bagel (we had an everything and a plain)…well…it was not something to rave about, so we won’t. Mediocre small bagels have no place in the hearts of the Palateers. Now, we have heard tell tale that Bruegger’s rosemary olive oil bagel is exceptional. We will give our followers the benefit of the doubt, and welcome all comments on Brueggers’ experiences both good and bad.

We also found fault with the surly slow service. Surly service at a bagel shop is ok (heck, it’s the morning and people just want to wrap themselves in bagel bliss), but when they are slow and surly, we have problems. Chop chop there Brueggers! You have four guys manning the counter, you think the schmear guy can handle the complexity of pouring my cup of coffee as well!

Episode 1 was a mark of aversion, but we remain hopeful that the perfect Boston bagel is still out there. If you have suggestions about good bagel places in Boston, please feel free to comment.

Also check out the cartoon history of the bagel here.

Bruegger’s Bagels
Anywhere America because it’s a big honking chain


  1. Ok dudes. What up? Why are you not going to Brookline for your bagels? That's where the jews live after all. Seriously, once passover is over go to Kupel's not a bunch of chain bagel stores and then talk about a great Boston bagel hunt. Kupel's bagels kick ass. They are different then the NYC bagel, more dense, but very tasty. Also while there check out their rugelach- also yummy

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! We will put in on our list