Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dave’s Fresh Pasta--Fighting for Lunch at Dave's

The jumbles of people were pushing and squirming to get to the front of the line.  It was only 5pm, but Dave’s Fresh Pasta was a rocking with people.  The Palateers had to shove down an old man in order to make an order.  We stared up at the imposing chalkboard menu, somewhat daunted by the number of sandwich choices.  Should we go wrap, maybe an ensalada or should we stick with one of Dave’s specials?  The moving mass of hungry souls behind us was restless, and we did not have much time.  A rumor spread that they were almost out of foccacia bread, and there was noticeable increase in the anxiety level.  We locked eyes with a passing sandwicheer and placed our order of a Brazilian Hangover Cure and a Smoked Turkey with sundried tomato pesto.   

We began meandering through Dave’s.  We poked around in the fresh pasta section, sampling a chunk of gouda and a spoon of tangy aioli sauce.  We traversed through the waiting throngs, and sampled a crisp pinot grigio, followed by a light red.  The free pickings were many, and the Palateers almost completely filled their empty bellies on cheese samples.    

A long time passed, and finally we heard them shout out “the Palateers”.  Sitting outside on one of those clear sunny warm spring days, that help us forget the cruel New England winters, we ravenously consumed our massive sandwiches. Oh, my… Words could not explain the degree of deliciousness.  The Brazilian on Foccacia was a warm welcoming bliss.  The hot ham melting in between the cheese.  Accented by crunchy dill pickle slices and tangy hot peppers, spread with a spicy aioli spread was like being cradled in the arms of the sandwich god himself.   

The Smoked Turkey with caramelized onions and greens was a heaping mouthful of freshness.  Sweet tomatoes mingled with fresh pesto, basking on top of warm turkey, between two crunchy slices of Foccacia.

Just as we finished, an exodus of frustrated people exited Dave’s.  We overheard the awful truth—Dave’s had run out of bread.  We felt pity for the hungry mob, but not enough to give us indigestion. Needless to say, the Palateers will go out of their way, any day, to Davis Square to visit Dave’s Fresh Pasta, but we always plan to come early and to bring our boxing gloves.   

note: No old men were harmed in the writing of this review.

Olde Fashion Pop!
81 Holland St 
Somerville, MA 02144 
(617) 623-0867

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