Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Café Dilara Pizza--Where the kings and queens of East Cambridge feast!

Café Dilara is like home…that is if you live in East Cambridge. It is a representation of East Cambridge—a little dumpy, full of variety and across from two liquor stores, but without a doubt delicious.   

An excellent accompaniment and two liquor stores to choose from!
The Palateers, though thoroughly enjoying their Dilara experience, would not recommend going out of your way to seek out this yellow walled local establishment.  However, if you find yourself walking to Inman Square from the Galleria, and feel desperate from hunger, then indulge yourself with a Dilara treat.   

Best for takeout or delivery, you won’t be terribly impressed by the small interior if you do decide to dine in, but you will be filled to the brim with gooey cheese and doughy substances.  Before ordering, you may want to consider some of their daily specials.  The two slice and coke special ($3.80) could only be matched if it were still 1998.   

You will be impressed by Dilara’s extensive menu, which ranges from a gazillion types of frozen yogurt to a bijillion types of pizza. All perfect for sharing with your Home Skillet Biscuit.            

We (the royal one) ate ravenously.  Starting with a chicken caesar wrap ($6.50), the thing was humongous and we then learned the secret of Dilara: massive portions for a cheap price.     

The small veggie lovers calzone (9.95) could feed a donkey, and there is nothing more satisfying then gorging on vegetables enveloped in gujunga amounts of cheese. The Cambridge Special (advertised as ‘The store finest creation’ small for $9.95) was an indistinguishable mush of topping.  It wasn’t bad.      
A cheese and topping supernova
Prepare to eat the leftovers for the next month or eat all at once, and then hibernate the winter away. Café Dilara ---where the kings and queens of East Cambridge feast!

Cafe Dilara
645 Cambridge St., 
Cambridge, MA

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