Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue Fin--Ono, Yaki Tomago!

Who would have guessed that Porter Exchange is the hot spot for Japanese fare in Boston?  In a space reminiscent of your local mall, you will find a jumble of Japanese restaurants clumped side by side.  You will even discover an authentic bubble tea stand and a Tokyo style snack shop (where you can buy your sweet ginger dried squid).    

Blue Fin certainly stands out amongst the many stalls, because it is an actual restaurant. Quickly getting a table amongst the simple décor, it was difficult to catch and maintain the waitress’s attention.  This got annoying especially later in the meal when we desired extra ginger, wasabi and other Japanese accompaniments.    

Despite the inattentive service, the food was fresh and satisfying.  The miso soup was just like mom’s.  Thick and salty, with bits of swimming seaweed and tofu was the perfect way to prime our palate. The warm sake also lit our stomach with a fiery glow.   

Miso Happy...

Kampai! 乾杯!
The Sashimi Regular, a platter of whatever the chef felt like giving us, was the perfect amount for the Palateers and their guest.  The mixture of tuna, red snapper, squid, mackerel, egg, crab, clam and salmon all appeared fresh and clean.  Drenched in soy sauce and wasabi, each bite was a flavor party unto itself.    

Nothing Smells Fishy Here
All reasonably priced, you can eat very well without killing the wallet.  Unlike many restaurants, the simple and delicious food will make you feel refreshed and energized, an excellent way to jumpstart your evening.

1815 Massachusetts Ave # 1 
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 497-8022

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