Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baraka Cafe--Lemonade that knows no equal

Tucked away off the hustle and bustle of central square, in a very residential part of Cambridge, you will find a literal hole in the wall. Baraka Café has room for no more than 25 people, but if you can find a seat, it is a sure treat.   

If you are craving homemade Algerian (like mom used to make) then look no further.  The quaint ambiance, delicious food and mind-blowing lemonade, will make you a fan for life.    

Before sitting down, no matter if you are one person, start with a pitcher of lemonade.  Baraka Café doesn’t serve alcohol, but who needs it, when you have fresh squeezed lemons, swimming with dry rose petals and hints of north African spice.  Dearie me, if either Palateer is ever rendered unconscious from an accident, hook up their IV with this stuff. It will definitely jolt them back to life.     
Try the Karentika for a starter—a block of warm chickpea custard, which will change your view that chickpeas are only good for hummus. The Bedenjal Mechoui, an eggplant salsa  heavy on the olive oil was an excellent compliment.  All of which was served with fresh flat bread, which did not last long on the table.      
Melfouf la Kasbah
The Melfouf la Kasbah was like a trip along the Barbary coast. Sample an array of roasted kabob style meats and sausages, served on a bed of thin French fries, add in a salad to boot, for $11.95, I doubt you will find a superior meal. The Melkha is a vegetarians delight, an eggplant shell over stuffed with spinach, cheese and olives dancing in a bowl of couscous     
Get there early, to avoid the long wait in line and try to make reservations because for the price and quality of the food, Baraka can not be beat.
80 Pearl St 
Cambridge, MA 02139 
(617) 868-3951

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