Friday, April 10, 2009

Asgard--Viking Chairs and Shepard's Pie

Long ago in the old country, when potatoes were plentiful and beer flowed from never ending spigots, the druids and other such ancient races would gather in throngs at establishments that we think were a lot like Asgard. This restaurant is cavernous. It's like a monastery, and we were expecting at any moment to be served by Trappist Monks. Big honking Viking thrones, large wooden beams and stain glass mirrors further enhanced the feeling.

A bit monkish

Odin's LazyBoy
The menu is meat heavy and classic Irish, so vegetarians be warned that options are limited. This was an inconvenience because the Palateers decided to eat only veg this meal. However, we were pleasantly surprised by what we found. The french four onion soup, was a steaming crock of hot broth and liquefied cheese with a massive chunk of crouton in the middle—perfect for a rainy day pick me up.

Goobly, Gobly cheesy
The homemade veggie burger had a very nutty consistently, and despite the indistinct slab of gouda, was satisfying, especially with the thick sliced french fries. The tomato mozzarella sandwich, a pretty straightforward dish, and was also given the thumbs up.

A pickle to dream about

Kinda think?
Probably best for a night of burgers and beer (they have an enormous and diverse beer selection), Asgard definitely steals the seal of approval for its unique and oversized setting. Relive your monastery fantasies at Asgard with the company of lots of good friends and a Shepard’s pie.

Asgard Irish Pub and Restaurant
350 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 577-9100

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