Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Muqueca -- Hot pot with a twist

The sign hanging outside Muqueca is handmade, the careful lettering revealing a burst of color and life, even in the depths of winter. Walk past Muqueca, literally, hot pot, in Brazilian, and you may comment on someday trying this lively Brazilian nook, but enter and you will discover that the personal touches in the food surpass the details of the dangling wooden sign.

If you are lucky, the waitress who seats you and takes your order is the woman who supplied most of the recipes, and who will openly explain every part of the menu, recommending the perfect dish for your taste. It is recommended that you come hungry, as the appetizers and main courses are enough to satiate even the most starving of stomachs. We began with the Brazilian crab cake, served in a small crab-shaped clay dish and stuffed with copious crab and delectable spices. For main dishes, the waitress recommended the Shrimp Bobo, brimming with fresh shrimp and creamy yucca, and Fish Moquyeca, a rich cilantro fish stew. A homemade mango smoothie created in the blender behind the counter held us over until the food came, and reminded us of the brilliance of summer.

If you are craving the authentic Brazilian cultural experience in a familial atmosphere, warm up from the cold with a sumptuous meal at Muqueca. Without question, the Palateers offer Muqueca a the Seal of Approval. Be prepared to roll home afterwards, for there isn’t even room for Christina’s!

1093 Cambridge Street
(617) 354-3296

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