Friday, March 6, 2009

La Crepe--A Mexican/French shotgun wedding

If you have tired of tacos and other meat heavy dishes that make up the Mexican palate, then maybe a bit of fusion is what you need to recharge your taste buds.  After a few days, the Palateers were feeling such weariness and decided to try the Oaxaquan establishment, French Crepe.    

The interior had a clean, crisp, modern feel, which was a refreshing change from the plastic lawn chairs and luchador decorated divey establishments, we had previously visited.  The restaurant is on the second floor and overlooks a main boulevard—prime for people watching.   

The spinach and mushroom omelet was good but over salted (which seems to be a characteristic of most of our Mexican eating experiences). It was accompanied with beans and fresh bread, which was all quickly devoured.  For some fusion, we decided to try the Tinga de Pollo crepe—something along the lines of a chicken fajita.  It was also good, but could have used a small salad to balance out all the meat. Other interesting looking crepes were the squash flower and three cheese.    

Recommended for an adventure into creative fusion, French Crepe gives Mexican cuisine a spurt of French flair.

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