Friday, March 13, 2009

Café Deco--A Jackie Chan wipeout

Hong Kong, that pulsating pungent pomelo city of the orient, has enough culinary secrets to keep you searching for years.  A melting pot of Asian delicacies drawing from the mainland, South East Asia and subcontinent, it is not uncommon to find shwarma shops next to dim sum paired with Vietnamese Pho. The only downside of the city is that prices often feel like enemas. 

Given the Palateer’s love of this soup dumpling city, we were disappointed by our experience at Café Deco at the Peak.  For those new to Hong Kong, the “Peak” is the mountain peak that overlooks the entire city of Hong Kong and Kowloon.  On clear days, it is a breathtaking view of enormous skyscrapers squished together on an impossibly small sliver of land. On rainy days (which are often), it is shrouded in clouds.    

As for Café Deco, it is reminiscent of our experience at the Prudential Center.  Meaning, great view, but mediocre overpriced food. This particular evening, all of Hong Kong, was submerged in a fish bowl of fog. That was the first right off.  There were some highlights of our meal.  The appetizers definitely stole our appetite.  The fusion inspired Peking Duck Nan was a table riot and resulted in a series of fist fights for the last piece.  The mushroom and cheese quesadillas became the only meal for one of our party.  Unfortunately, after these delights, the dinner took the chungching express to a taste gulag.  The thai prawn parcels were cold webby bunches of uncomfortable mastication and the sweet almond squash soup was weeping for more flavor.   

The main course was as sad as a teenage boy stood up on a first date. The salmon, despite repeated requests for otherwise, was overcooked.  One could tell that the fish was frozen, by its whitish hue and poor consistency.  The steak had mixed reviews ranging from overdone to not bad.       

Given the plethora and variety of Hong Kong cuisine, don’t waste your time or taste buds on this pick.    

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