Friday, February 13, 2009

Trident Booksellers & Cafe--Does not meet the hype!

Trident has a lot of positive things going for it, yet it is one the biggest food disappointments we have ever encountered.  We loved the idea of the bookstore/café. Isn’t that the dream of every Palateer?  Sipping your coffee while reading travel books about Honduras  How idyllic and very attainable because if your ambitions for Trident are simply to sit around and peruse a book while nursing a cup of tea for several hours, then we agree you are in the right place.  But keep your expectations low if you ever order the food.

First the good:  Trident is all about the atmosphere.  We love the long bar and tall stools, which are perfect for surfing the internet (which is free!!!), chatting with strangers or reading the newspaper. Anyone could get lost meandering around the book shelves perusing the eclectic selection of literature or watching a silent film of Charlie Chaplin on the two widescreens.  Even the overpriced tea, coffee and smoothies are perfect for slow savoring. 

Now the bad: The Palateers have ordered food from Trident on numerous occasions, always with the sincere hope that the food will live up to the exorbitant prices and tantalizing menu descriptions.  However, every hope for a delicious meal has been revolted like sour milk on an empty stomach. Ok, the food isn’t horrible.  It is edible, but it doesn’t deserve the high prices. Furthermore, couldn’t servings be a little bit larger?  For a $9 waffle, we expected more than a single waffle with a few chopped strawberries.  Also, it was disappointing that the $10 omelet completely lacked flavor. The $11 Creamy Alfredo pasta was too liquidy and the chicken was overcooked.  The $11 Veggie burger was mediocre and how much would it take to add fries at no cost or maybe a side salad?  The same complaints were had across the menu. Such high prices warrant finer quality food and larger portions.     

Trident has the potential in our minds to be one of the best establishments on the block. The service is friendly, the vibe is perfect, but it is the end game that needs a rehab.

This is a Palateer call to action to get your food menu under control, Trident.

Trident Booksellers & Café 
338 Newbury St. 
Boston, Ma 

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