Monday, February 2, 2009

Top of the Hub

A skyline is the property of a city’s residence. Tall buildings, speckled with church steeples and golden domes, flourishing bright lights, is the literal face of a city. The Palateers believe it is a shame that often enjoying the view as a bird does comes at a price. Case in point the Prudential center. The audacity of mankind to charge a whopping $11 for a view that should be free! Me thinks not.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Top of Hub offers the same view but without the entrance fee. For the price of two beers, you can enjoy Boston like a Grecian god staring down from Mount Olympus. To be honest, the Palateers only tried one dish here: The escargot. A daring selection that was a horrible choice. Overpriced, overbuttered, and overly unsatisfying. After the appetizers, we were unwilling to shell out anymore dough when we principally came for the view. However, our inquiries with surrounding diners revealed similar sentiments. The burger was overdone. The salad was nothing to scream about. The steak was okay. All way too overpriced.

If you want agood view, while enjoying jazz and cold beverage, we give the Top of Hub a Seal of Approval; however, avoid the food menu in order not to ruin the experience.

Top of the Hub

800 Boylston St #52
Boston, MA
617.536.1775 Reserve Online

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