Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sex and Chocolate--The Wine Cellar

Disclaimer: Before reading, please open this in a separate window. Turn up the volume and turn down the lights.

People say that too much of anything is not good for you baby…but I don’t know about that at the Wine Cellar.

It starts off slow and smooth. Quiet décor, Carla Bruni singing soft sultry chanson. The host gently removes your coat and ushers you to your seat. It’s almost too perfect of a moment, especially knowing that it’s only just begun.

Food and love share multiple qualities, foremost being the element of choice. Whether an extensive menu or a crowded nightclub, one has a cornucopia of options upon which to dine. That is why Fondue is so undeniably, unexplainably sexy.

The Cheese

The Classic is always a steady date. Emmentale and Gruyere in smooth brandy, add a little wine and you have a reliably good start to a meal. If you are feeling a little bit crazy, the Brittany might be your dish de nuit. However, if you are a romantic at heart, desiring passion and flare, you should taste the French Gruyere.

At first, you maneuver awkwardly with the miniature fondue forks—dipping hard dry pieces of bread and potatoes tentatively into the molten pit of warm, soft fromage. But with practice makes perfect, and in no time, you gain expertise.

With the last bite, you almost peak with satiation and delight, but soon regain your center as you prepare for the entrée.

The Main Course

You are overwhelmed with choice, and maybe that’s the point. Maybe it is healthy to cut loose and experiment a little. You are confused and excited, lost and found. But when staring at seven special sauces, scallops, shrimp, lamb, beef and boiling pot of French au vin with mushrooms, your tongue goes limp with surprise (you feel slightly embarrassed) but never fear because mother nature always knows what’s best, and you instinctively understand what to do. You eat until you feel like you can’t eat anymore, and then you eat some more.

The Finale

The dark chocolate is orgasmic. You quiver in delight and leave satiated and relaxed. Until the next meal.

Do not enjoy in moderation. Only indulge.

Wine Cellar
30 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 236-0080 Reserve Online

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