Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Koreana--Bring on the beef!

Craving the beef, dreaming of skewered roasting meat?  Korean BBQ might be the answer to your meat filled fantasies.  Korean BBQ, something of a cross between Hot Pot and Brazilian BBQ, tantalizes the taste buds, invigorates the independent spirit and fills the stomach with deliciousness.  Picture this in your dripping saucy carnivorous hallucinations, a platter of marinated moistly tendered raw beef, grilled at your leisure in front of you, and on specially designed reverse convection grills (the only of its kind in Boston according to the manager). Koreana on Prospect street Cambridge, will make your juicy wet dreams come to reality.   

Never fear because the tea cup with never reach the half empty point.  The diligent service was on us like white on rice (see urban dictionary).  The manager visited our table two times to check if everything was “ok”.  Our waitress even gave us a good recommendation for “Authentic soups” and allowed us to practice our Korean (despite its inappropriateness and vulgarity….Salted! see urban dictionary)   

But don’t worry vegetarians, you won’t be getting the short end of the stick.  Stand in awe of expansive vegetarian side dishes.  Take your pick of kimchee, seaweed, spicy cucumber and fish cakes (for you quasi vegetarians).  Entrees will also offer a plethora of choices.  Try the Bimbimbop, a staple of Korean restaurants.  A medley of cooked vegetables, on a pad rice, with a soft boiled egg dropped on top for good measure, mix thoroughly with spicy sauce and eat immediately for optimum dining pleasure.   

Come in a large group because reservations are not taken for two and its best shared anyhow.  For its unabashed love of cooked cow, we give Koreana the Palateer seal of approval.   

154 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 576-8661

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