Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Clear Conscience Café

If your passion is simply a steaming mug of coffee and a plain bagel, then any café in Boston will relieve your coffee craving. However, if you find yourself pondering the origins of the grounds you are sipping or the table upon which you are resting your laptop, then you will find solace at the Clear Conscience Café (C3) in Central Square.

From the windows made of recycled Coca-Cola bottles to the energy efficient light fixtures, every aspect of C3 was created with an environmentally responsible mindset.  Even the tables are composed of sunflower seed husks and bamboo!  Feel confident as you sample the organic soup of the day and debate over which fair trade coffee to select from the extensive menu, that you are ordering from one of the finest, most environmentally and socially conscious dining establishments around.  

Bring your laptop and sink into one of the giant sofas for a day of work and chai tea (but be warned, Internet only lasts for one hour!).  And after you lazily pass your hours people watching through the Coca-Cola windows, be certain to venture beyond the recycled glass counter for a brief jaunt into the Harvest Coop.  The Palateers occasionally find themselves lost among the Coop shelves, choosing the freshest, healthiest vegetables and ingredients to dine upon that night. 

In this age of environmental and social awareness, we easily feel guilty that we aren’t doing our part. During the day-to-day grind, it is difficult to make the small, but necessary, changes to our daily habits. Visit the Clear Conscience Café, and, at least for the moment, erase your guilt.

Clear Conscience Cafe
581 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

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