Monday, January 26, 2009

Moody's Diner

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and especially dessert, Moody’s Diner, located in quaint Waldoboro Maine, is a landmark for any passing traveler. From its humble beginnings as a lunch wagon for truckers, the fame of Moody’s is well acknowledged amongst midcoast denizens, and in recent years, like a growing yeast, its popularity has spread to the far regions of the globe.  On the Great Wall, the Giza pyramids and Eiffel tower don’t be surprised if you find a fanatical Mainer sporting a Moody’s tee.

For a diner that has attracted the same regulars for X years, it is no surprise that the Palateers enjoyed their meal.  Breakfast was simple, hardy and delicious.  Fluffy native blueberry pancakes drizzled with syrup, griddled buttery bran muffins smothered in strawberry jam, an overflowing omelet stuffed with peppers, onions and chedderwurst sausage, not to mention the unlimited cups of coffee, made the morning. 

Lunch and dinner offer blue-plate specials that include Yankee pot-roast, mac ‘n cheese, and fresh caught fish and chips.  All accompanied with hot golden biscuits.  While dinner will always leave you over satiated, one can’t depart without indulging in a homemade slice of pie (doesn’t matter the kind, they are all delicious).

Service is friendly and tinged with a dollop of Maine plain spoken no-nonsense New England values. Be prepared for an opinionated albeit entertaining gossip session if you sit at the counter.  Heavy on the belly but easy on the wallet, Moody’s receives five golden forks for its prices.  Eat cheap but well, and know that the red light sign is always a beacon for comfort on Route 1.    

Moody's Diner
1885 Atlantic Hwy,
Waldoboro, ME

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