Friday, January 23, 2009

Men Tei Noodle Shop

Rare like fresh abalones in February, is to find truly authentic Boston Japanese cuisine (we are not referring to salmon sashmi and chicken terriyaki). The Palateers crave the madness of eating that is Iron Chef.  We salivate at the mention of shark fin soup, accompanied with pig intestines and roast quail eggs.  For this reason, one of the Palateers was curious when they tested Men Tei Noodle Shop in Backbay.     

Men Tei Noodle Shop is an authentic Japanese noodle shop. We dug the interior and especially enjoyed the big balled, high rolling Tanukis which adorned the walls.

However, the lunch did not start well.  Upon sitting down, the server promptly dropped a full cup of ice water onto the Palateer's mother's lap (Fox Pass! or as the French prefer, Faux Pas).  The service missed the mark on several occasions including forgetting to bring our tea and ill-advice on dish selection.  

The food picked up some of the slack.  The rich and salty noodle dishes whether accompanied with pork or beef, were tremendously appreciated.  However, the vegetable rice curry was a Godzilla sized catastrophe. The $7 dish was nothing more than canned carrots and peas on overcooked rice doused in a Ninja Turtles consistency goo.  The serving of shu mai was miniscule.  

Overall, Men Tei Noodle Shop is a mediocre noodle shop that gets the job done if you are craving a bowl of soup. Brush up on your Japanese or kidnap a Berklee exchange student to help order house specialties*. 

*The Palateers only endorse kidnapping if it results in a improved eating experience.

Men Tei Noodle Shop
66 Hereford St.
Boston Ma   

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