Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet Touch Café

“Sugar and Cream, right love” and of course she’s right, because this your breakfast spot, and the woman behind the counter knows you as a regular. You might only pop in for a quick coffee every other day, but you get a warm feeling every time Rita gives you a smile and spoons an excessive three tablespoons of sugar into your morning joe. The Sweet Touch Café lives up to its name.

Strategically located near the Lechmere T Stop, to serve your breakfast and lunch cravings, Sweet Touch gives you more than just a ham and egg on an everything bagel. It dollops a serving of all American heart and injects a positive booster shot of energy into your day.

If we may digress about American cuisine. Too often visitors from abroad are quick to judge that Americans lack authentic cuisine. We challenge this notion, for what is the American breakfast, but the most amazing, creative, original of American inventions. Where else can you find layers of French toast, dripping with maple syrup, on the same plate as a three cheese western omelet with a side of hash browns? The breakfast is an American ritual, the foundation of a Sunday morning, the keystone of a family gathering, the overindulged caffeine fueled feast, which is the perfect start to the day. Everyone in America has his breakfast joint.

If you are missing that quintessential of American experiences--if you awake in the morning, longing for over easy eggs, home fries and dark rye drenched in butter, then you need to add a sweet touch to your daily routine. Sweet Touch café has all the hallmarks and staples of a classic diner experience, which will leave you appreciating the finer and simpler qualities of the American palate.

Like it should be, Sweet Touch is cheap; nothing on the menu is over $10. If you have cholesterol concerns, we recommend asking for butter and sugar on the side. The pumpkin spiced coffee is a nice addition for the season, especially with a touch of sweetener. Be sure to request regular cracked eggs over the gooey beater eggs. Pay at the counter and enjoy.

Sweet Touch Cafe
241 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 491-4119

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